Zhaoqing Tongchan implements SIL MES system


Interview with ZHAOQING TONGCHAN GLASS TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, P.R. of China, where the SIL system was recently installed

What is the company’s role in the glass container industry? What do you make and what is your most popular product?

As far as the equipment and production capacity of single plant is concerned, Zhaoqing Tongchan Glass Technology Co., Ltd can rank top 10 of china. We mainly produce middle end and high end beer bottles with main customers including Heineken, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Zhujiang and Qingdao.

Can you give a brief history of the company? When was it formed?

Located in Jintao Industrial Zone of Jinli Town, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing Tongchan Glass Technology Co., Ltd is a modern glass bottle producer, which is invested by Shenzhen Tongchan Group with a total investment of 690 million RMB and nearly 500 workers, belonging to Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission as a wholly state-owned company.

How many glassmaking plants does the company have? How many furnaces  and what is your daily production capacity?

Right now there is 1 plant with 2 furnaces. Daily output: 1.25-1.64 million bottles.

What are the company’s strengths?

1. Technology strength with several independent intellectual property rights:

  • Furnace designing and modification
  • Modification of equipment specific to Glass industry
  • Batch composition
  • Cullet processing
  • Circular economy technology

2.  Hardware strength (import whole lines of advanced equipment)

3. Management system

  • Certified to ISO9001 on June of 2011
  • Certified to ISO2200 on February of 2013
  • Certified to ISO1400 on January of 2016
  • Adhering to implementation of lean management

Who are your main customers geographically? How much of your products are exported and what are the main countries that you export to?

The main customers are located in Guangdong, Hainan, Yunnan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province and also some Asian countries. 25% of products are exported to overseas market including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma.

How would you describe the Chinese container glass market currently? Are there any particular trends that you have noticed?

The current Chinese container glass market is a buyer’s market experiencing disordered competition. The consumption of beer bottles is decreasing year by year and more and more recycled bottles and cans are being used. While at the same time, there is an increasing need of glass packages for food industry, which compensates the decrease in the  need for glass products in the beer industry. The strengthening of state environmental protection regulation is good news for the competitive enterprises.  With the combination of different factors, large production groups similar to European market will appear in China.  

You recently installed Vertech' s SIL system on five of your lines. Why did you choose the SIL system?

With such a big investment in our company, we are not able to achieve profitability if we don’t produce medium-end and high-end products. Therefore, we could only focus on the production management to achieve effectiveness. QC feedback through paperwork obviously cannot keep pace with the development of the company. It becomes the common idea that making use of the real production information plays an important role in influencing the output. Naturally installation of an information system on the line becomes the common needs of the company, which is also one of the essential aspects for customer audit.
As a professional producer of information system for glass industry, Vertech’ s developing team is always seeking for perfection of the system to satisfy the customer needs. Vertech became the first choice for our company as SIL system has a wide coverage of production process and it fits in with our actual need.   

What benefits will the SIL system bring to your company?

With the increase of our staff proficiency within SIL system, we can reduce the losses caused by the fact that cold end used to not be able to send feedback of the problems found in cold end to hot end for solution. Thus the time of corrective actions to be taken is reduced, and we can achieve the target of improving the output percentage.

How will the investment benefit your customers?

Seen from the management referred in ISO9001, the investment in SIL could further perfect the traceability of products, which is a very reliable tool for the customer to guarantee the quality of products.  

What key qualities should your machinery and production equipment suppliers have in order for you to consider using them?

Facing the current market cruel and disordered market competition, I personally think the machine and equipment should have below key factors:
1.    Closely fit production needs; easy to learn and operate
2.    High price-performance ratio: they should be able to bring visible economical benefit to us and also help us reduce manpower
3.    High operation efficiency: low failure rate and low maintenance cost.  

How would you like to see the company evolve in the next five years?

As long as we can get rid of the predicament of this year and take full advantage of being a state-owned company we are surely to be bigger and stronger by combining the efforts of all the Tongchan people to take the opportunity to invest on the furnace #3.


Thank you to NineSun, Vertech's Agent in PRC, for performing the interview and translation, and to Glass International for the publication.