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Many parameters can affect a glass group’s productivity. Controlling, supervising and overseeing all such indicators is what guarantees a healthy plant. For that purpose, SILProd gathers data all along production lines and displays it in real time.

SIL4.0 supports manufacturers by handing them the keys to face current and future challenges. The mass of real-time data SIL gathers throughout the glass plant is essential for driving the group, analyzing the past and foreseeing the future.

Customer specifications are the guideline for glassmakers, and following them with precision guarantees the highest degree of satisfaction from end clients. SILXQual is an essential tool for managing quality control across not only raw materials, but also articles and pallets.

Molds play a key role in the production process. They ensure article quality and impact conformity in finished products (thickness, volume, defects in appearance, glaze, etc.). Optimally managing your molds is thus crucial for both units and series.

SILXManager is primarily designed for managers in charge of planning new productions, quality control procedures and preparing new mold sets. This SIL module is also an indispensable platform for performing analyses, enabling both the extraction of data and the generation of reports.

The maintenance budget is an important expense in a glassware. Managing SI machine parts is complex and critical. The optimization of maintenance operations allows the production to reach its full capacity.

SILXMaint will transform available data into useful information, leading to informed decisions and better business results.

  • Data collection
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Communication between hot and cold ends
  • Display of data in dashboard format
  • Content management system (intranet)
  • Process digitization
  • Logging of controls
  • Data acquisition throughout the plant
  • KPIs displayed on customizable dashboards
  • A personalized project based on each plant’s specific needs
  • Correlations
  • Quality control management for articles
  • Pallet controls with or without defined AQLs
  • Management of the resorting process
  • Management of quality controls for raw materials and glass preforms
  • Uniform management of molds
  • Management of mold repairs
  • Management of dimensional checks
  • Tracking of inter-plant mold exchanges
  • Connection to automatic dimensional check machines
  • Management interface for SIL modules
  • Drafting of reports and certificates
  • Extraction of data and various display formats
  • Management of parts such as transfer arms, pushers…
  • Repair and dimensional controls
  • Complete traceability of mechanical parts
  • Real-time and historical reporting tools
  • Follow up the mechanical parts lifetime
  • Identify maintenance costs associated to each production

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