Quality Controls and traceability


Managing your Quality Controls with SILQual

In order to give their customers a high level of quality, glass manufacturers must carry out numerous tests on items they produce.
SILQual makes this tedious job simple.

You connect your laboratorydevices to the SILQual workstation. Quality controls are recorded automatically, stocked into the SIL database, then analised and restored on SILQual Manager PC hooked up to the network.
In a user-friendly way, the glass manufacturer can create his own Quality database, record and restore test results and communicate with manufacturing lines.


  • Earn time and reduce the risk of errors with automatic control recording
  • Reduce the use of paper
  • Get full traceability of your data
  • Trace your quality controls & anticipate your drifts with SPC charts


  • SILQual Manager
    You key in quality data for your plant into SILQual database. A powerful server and database ensure your data integrity.
    You define your plant configuration, production lines, Operators, control devices, articles manufactured, ...

  • SILQUAL Controller: Easier recording
    The Operator opens the production he sampled. He records mould numbers and the date of sampling.
    Then, he follows instructions for proceeding to controls.

    The data entry screen is adapted to each type of control equipment. It informs the Operator on the test and gives him more flexibility to manage items to be controlled.

    When a value is out of tolerances, the Operator can edit different copies of the list of moulds and defects controlled.
  • Statistical Process Control

  • Traceability
    Powerful tools allow your personnal data processing : internal reports and listings according to your needs.
  • Certificate of conformity
    Thanks to SILQual, edit and print customized certificates of conformity for your customers
    The reference of finished product and lot are precised.

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