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Drive your mold shop more efficiently

Cost of molds makes the lifespan of a mold set a key factor for glass makers; for this reason, mold shops focus on effective management of mold repairs. So far, detailed information vital to mold shops has not been fully transmitted from the production, with no tools available to concretely collect and share this information in real time. 

Why use SILMould ?

To get real time information from production to the mold shop

To share critical information between hot end and mold shop

To optimize repair times providing technicians with mold change reasons and complete mold repair history

To track mold sets and individual molds throughout their lifespan

To get complete information per mold on :
- rotations
- gob cuts received
- global time running in production
- mold change reasons
- repair history
- dimensional control history
- lifespan and potential

To keep track of mold sets lent or exchanged between plants with transfer of use, repair and dimensional control data

To avoid losing molds with individual tracking in real time

Mould technicians will be able to work more precisely, knowing the cause for the repairs

To use mold sets evenly, optimizing the lifespan left for each single mold at any given time

To provide transparency between the hot end and the mold shop

To save money on mold sets thanks to a more even use of all the molds


Thanks to SILMould Dashboards, the operator can prioritize mold repairs according to their availability for the hot end, and avoid stopping sections
for lack of available molds!

Received a new order from a customer? Using SILMould you will quickly provide production estimates, knowing the lifespan left of the mold sets.


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