Mould shop


An efficient management of mould sets, repairs and controls

Mould prices and productivity requirements justify focusing on the mould usage rate and on their repairs.
So far, there was no tool enabling to propose a comprehensive display of the state of moulds, and allowing communication between the hot end and the mould shop.


The mould shop Manager parameters SILMould and the Operators record the repairs or the quality controls made on the mould sets.
SILMould is totally linked to other SIL modules. With SILMould, you now have a link between the Hot End  and the mould shop!


  • Prevent repetitive defects
  • Secure the stock of available moulds
  • Optimize mould set usage
  • Save time during repairs by knowing changes' causes


  • Declaring mould sets
  • Assigning articles to moulds sets
  • Analyzing and tracing moulds
  • Recording mould repairs
  • Entering quality controls


  • Save time with multi selection for repairs on several moulds
  • Get more accurate analysis on mould scrapping with scrapping reasons
  • Edit a production report with mould specificities to prepare the next job

Press release

Breaking the moulds - Glass International - November 2013

Managing mould sets - Glass International - November 2012

VERTECH' - Information Technology for the Glass Industry - Solution for the mould shop