Raw materials and glass campaigns


Trace raw materials and glass campaigns with SILGlass

SILGlass centralizes all your control results in a SIL database, allowing traceability of your analyses and making information easy to share between the different actors of the plant (melting, production, quality...)

For glass manufacturing groups owning several plants, SILGlass allows centralizing the analyses in the chemical lab, improving the reaction time of the validation process and the traceability of analysis.



  • Tend to zero paper
  • Secure your data
  • Trace your chemical analyses
  • Provide immediate information available to the group
  • Compare easily and follow up the evolution of a component in a glass campaign



In the central lab:

    • Record analyses made on the composition and raw materials
    • Watch the results on curves and grids
    • Follow the analyses performed in real time
    • Ensure traceability of composition steps
    • Edit certificates of analysis, automatically combined with biometric signature

In the plant lab:

  • See the anlyses made in the central lab of the group
  • Take out daily controls on articles (density, refining, homogeneity, hydrolic resistance)

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