Quality resorting


Manage your pallets in resorting

In the pharmaceutics industry, the quality of articles produced is essential.
100% of articles are controlled (in the plant or in external resorters).
So far, there was no traceability of the pallets sent to resorters: when articles were sent to resorting, for which defects ...

SILResorting was designed to answer glassmakers' requests concerning pallet resorting.



  • Optimization of the resorting process
  • Traceability of your pallets
  • Information in real time about pallet resorted


  • Resorting orders are numerized
  • Knowledge of pallets being resorted and coming back
  • Supply of certificate of conformity for the articles resorted


  • Manage sorting orders: you indicate the defects to be sorted out and give instructions to the sorter. You know exactly what articles are going to the resorter
  • Manage and update easily sorters and rates
  • Calculate costs for each pallet gone for sorting 
  • Print pallet delivery notes to be sent to the sorter
  • Keep the whole traceability of pallets sent to the sorter
  • Analyze scrap


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