Pallet audit


Trace your pallets efficiently !

What is more embarrassing than delivering non conform products to the client?
Guarantee pallet traceability in order to avoid this kind of problem is essential.


SIL Pallet Audit is a help to decision. ThIS module integrated to SILC enables Cold End operators to make set outs and to hold or not pallets according to defects detected.


  • Audit your pallets: Make statistical set outs which results enable to decide pallet status according to AQL
  • Hold easily out of specification pallets: Enter held pallets and associated defects
  • Ensure your pallet traceability


- Print pallet tags
- Enter detected defects and associated moulds
- Display Warning message at Hot End when a pallet is held

- Record the number of held items
- Display hour per hour held quantities in the SIL (in values or in percentage in relation to shear cuts)
- Manage Lots/Batches

VERTECH' - Information Technology for the Glass Industry - Pallet Audit