Vertech' at Glassman Europe


Thank you for attending the Conference about "SIL beyond an M.E.S." and for visiting Vertech' booth at Glassman Europe.

Connected objects are often pictured small, portable, wireless, and mostly of domestic use. But when it comes to the use of connected objects in our factories, it becomes clear that size does not matter and that the wireless nature of the devices is convenient - unless they are already on the network.
The main idea is that a connected object can communicate information and in return receive information relevant to its operation. Thus, any equipment may be both provider and consumer of information.

What new uses could there be for connected devices within a factory? One example would be the palletizing robot which could give real-time information on its operation regarding speed, current pallet reference, stock status for wooden pallets and intermediate layers, and power consumption. All this information would be useful for a variety of applications such as supplies, shrink-wrap machines, CMMS, energy management, and SIL to follow up Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
This example could be applied to the composition workshop, furnaces, feeders, IS machines, lehrs, inspection machines, or any other equipment or sensor.

Actually, our production management system for glass manufacturers, “SIL System”, is a connected object itself.
SIL provides line speed and working weight information in real time for each production line, which are used for furnace regulation or smoke analysis through web services.

This 4.0 Industry vision is at the heart of Vertech’ strategy. The relationship with equipment manufacturers to move together towards web services oriented architectures is an essential element of our policy, with the constant objective of proposing a M.E.S. solution to Glass Manufacturers that goes beyond their expectations.