Vertech’ Services and Software Maintenance


A winning combination for SIL Users

Vertech’ offers a wide range of services before, during, and after the installation of the SIL solution

Vertech’ offers a range of services to ensure a smooth installation when glass manufacturers invest in a new SIL system or when they replace another monitoring system with SIL:

•    Pre-installation audits: to ensure a complete understanding of a client’s requirements like machines to be connected, equipment to be supplied, specific adaptations of the system according to the plant configuration as well as provide engineering and wiring specification documents
•    Customizations and fine tuning: installation of the system by highly trained and experienced engineers/technicians to provide a tailor-made like solution for the plant
•    On-site training of operators, technicians and managers
•    Client support during commissioning
Vertech' also provides a yearly maintenance service to optimize the use of the system in the long term. The maintenance contract includes an annual on-site upgrade done by one of the company’s experts to guarantee a high-performing system, make an audit check of the correct use of the system to avoid deviations, and provide training on new features.
By releasing an annual version of the SIL system, Vertech’ makes the commitment with its clients to interface with any new inspection equipment or device on the market at no additional cost.
The company also ensures a quick response to  its clients with a dedicated team that provides remote technical support for any SIL related issues during office hours with the option of a 24/7 service.
Vertech’ strives to reduce the Response Time to offer Customers the right answer within the shorter time. To reach its target, Vertech’ constantly follows up its own internal KPIs available in SILX.
New support reports with analytics are available for the plants or corporate contracts.