SIL Users exchange Best Practices


Vertech' organizes the visit of SGD to Eskisehir Sisecam factory

SIL Users exchange Best Practices

Several Managers from SGD Pharma (Production, Quality, Technical, and IT Managers) went to Turkey in November 2016 in order to visit Eskisehir Sisecam plant, leader in bottle and pharmacy markets in Turkey. The visit was organized by Mélanie Basset, Sales Manager, and Ulas Topal, CEO at Vertech'.

This meeting was an opportunity to exchange Best Practices of SIL user plants equipped with several modules working in synergy, such as production line monitoring in real time, quality control management, mould set follow-up and mould repair management, defect recording on pallets, communication with the ERP system in the plant, pallet resorting management.
Many SIL applications are working in synergies, optimizing the precision of information displayed by the SIL system, always focused on optimizing a glass plant's global performance.

An example below is illustrating the interaction between the hot end, the cold end, quality controls and the mould shop.

Mould changes follow-up is performed and tracked by the hot end Operator in order to:

      • follow the mounting and change different types of moulds, and assigning change reasons,
      • know mounted moulds for setouts and quality controls,
      • reject correct moulds at the cold end,
      • follow up ascending and descending moulds,
      • make mould repairs easier,
      • follow up mould duration and potential,
      • detect not-mounted moulds when the production line is equipped with mould number readers.

Sisecam plants are among the first plants to be equipped with SILX, the intranet solution dedicated to Production displaying Key Performance Indicators in real time to the main actors of the factory, with a direct access to detailed information in values, percentage, tons, and graphs.
Key information for our Clients is available any time on managers PCs, tablets, and smartphones.