Vertech' key dates

1995  Creation of Vertech' and development of the SIL system

1999  Development of SILQual, Software for quality controls management

2000  Opening of a new office in Italy

2005  Creation of a subsidiary in the USA (Fishers, Indiana)

2006  ISO 9001 Certification (2000 version) for the French site

2010  New interface for SILC system

2011  Development of SILX, an Intranet Production Portal

2012  Development of SILMould, a new module for the Mold shop
          Creation of Vertech' Mexico (Durango)

2013  New premises in Chalon-sur-Saône 

2014  Development on the tube market

2015  Development of SILXtractor, new solution for SIL data extraction

2017  Development of full web applications for the quality control and pallet management

2018 Launch of new products: SILX, SILXQual, SILXMould, SILXPallet and SILXGlass (crossplatform Web products). SIL arrives at its 29th country in Poland.


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